Planning your classes! A must read :)

Class listings are ALL UP so you can preshop the classes before ticket sales.  Yay!

The CLASS SCHEDULE will be published on Wednesday, October 4th.  

The most important factor in deciding what classes you'd like is to not choose classes that happen at the same time.  :)  We'll make things super clear so you can make confident ticket decisions.  


1.  Will the classes be recorded? 

Yes, all classes will be recorded and can be viewed for 30 days following the Jingle Ball.  

2.  If I really want to sign up for more than one class that happen at the same time, can I just go to one and watch the recording of the other?

Yes, you can do that.  

3.  If my schedule changes and I can no longer attend the class, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no, class tickets are nonrefundable.  Thankfully they're all recorded so you can watch your class after the ball!

4.  Are all the class tickets going to be for sale until the ball starts?

Not necessarily.  Some class tickets are unlimited, but others will sell out.  The kitted tickets are most likely to sell out before the ball.  In fact, we recommend purchasing a kitted ticket as soon as you are interested to ensure you get your kit in plenty of time.

5.  When can I expect to hear from my teacher after I purchase a class ticket?

Please allow your teacher three to five business days to process your order and get in touch.

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