1.  Where is the ball located?

The ball is 100% virtual.

2.  How does this work?

All you have to do is purchase a ticket and you're ready for the ball!  After purchase your ticket will be emailed to you.  Get comfy in your stitching chair and sign on when the show begins.

3.  How do I sign up for a class?

All classes can be viewed here.  Simply follow the instructions for the class you're interested in.

4.  What technology will I need to attend the ball?

If you would like to participate in live chat or classes, it is highly recommended that you use a PC.  Microphones on ipads are not always compatible with the show interface.

5.  How do I sign up for a Meet and Greet with my favorite designer?

No signups are necessary for the scheduled Meet & Greets.  However, each booth can only hold so many participants, so if you're dying to meet someone, be sure to show up on time!  You may also catch designers "live" in their booths ready to chat throughout the show!

6.  What does the $10 ticket cover? 

The ticket provides entrance to the ball.  There you can enjoy browsing through the designers' booths, attend meet and greets, join a virtual stitching table for social time, and watch the main hall entertainment feed.  All of these activities are free after entry.

7.  How does the shopping work?

Each designer will have a virtual "booth" set up for you to shop.  At the top of each booth will be an exclusive holiday cross stitch pattern.  All designers will have PDF copies of this exclusive available.  The exclusives are GUARANTEED not to sell out to U.S. customers and are listed as PDFs to accommodate many of our overseas stitching friends (some shipping limitations may apply, please see below).  The designer may also have plenty of other holiday goodies for your perusal, but quantities may be limited.  This is the first time we're doing this together, and we've tried to do our best to prepare!  Each booth must be checked out of individually, so be sure to read any policies listed. 

8.  Will the event be close captioned?

We have several options for closed captioning during the event.  You can check them out on this page!

9.  When will I get my order?

We're all going to try to get orders out as quickly as possible!  

10.  I'm not in the United States.  Can I still buy everything?

Due to various international taxes and shipping limitations, items may or may not be available for purchase in your region.  PDFs will be available for purchase in each booth but may or may not be available worldwide.  Most of our designers are able to sell PDFs internationally, but a couple are not set up for this.  We're sorry for the inconvenience!  Each designer is doing their best - thank you for understanding!  

11.  I'm not in the United States.  Will anyone be at the ball when I log in?

We're keeping the ball open "overnight" here in the U.S. so that you can shop during your daytime.  The main hall entertainment will be available for you to watch.  You can also shop and attend the stitching social tables.  We'll set up an "internationals" table to increase your chances of meeting other ball attendees!

12.  Can I see sneak peeks of the exclusives somewhere?

We're keeping most of our surprises under wrap!  However, our designers may choose to sneak peek as they see fit!  Be sure to follow the hashtag #jingleballxs to catch all the news!

13.  I can't make it to the ball.  Can I still buy a ticket and access the shopping or entertainment later?

We're sorry, but the Jingle Ball magic only happens during the ball.  Hopefully you can join us next time!

14.  What is the refund policy of the tickets?  My plans might change.

The Jingle Ball tickets are nonrefundable.