Learn Your Specialty Stitches Class with Jeannette Douglas

Learn Your Specialty Stitches Class with Jeannette Douglas

This class is an optional paid part of the Jingle Ball.  You will need an entrance ticket to the Jingle Ball as well as a class ticket to attend.  Jingle Ball tickets and class tickets go on sale on October 13th.  Class previews are so you can see what classes will be available for you to purchase on that date.  Some of our classes may overlap, so please be sure to check out this SCHEDULE page to make sure you do not purchase overlapping classes.

All classes will be recorded so that paid students may access them for up to 30 days after the Ball concludes.

  • CLASS:  Learn Your Specialty Stitches with Jeannette Douglas
  • TIME:  FRI 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST
  • COST:  $35
  • AVAILABLE:  Worldwide
  • TICKET TYPES:  PDF Only (non kitted)

May be finished into an ornament or pin pillow.

Design size: 35 x 35. Use any fabric that you feel comfortable with. Linen or even weave would be preferred but it can be done on aida you will just have stitch in the middle of the square.

Learn these favourite 6 specialty stitches using this sweet small chart.

Included here in this tiny sampler you will learn the following stitches:

Herringbone, Smyrna, Algerian eyelets, Rhodes, Satin, and Queen stitches.

Use your favourite Christmas colours. I have charted it for Christmas using 2 greens, 2 reds, 2 browns, and a teal. But have fun and use what you have or what pleases you. So 7 colours in total.

Each stitch will be diagrammed out for you as seen on this chart. You will be given clear written instructions with some great diagrams. In class I will show how each stitch is completed using several mediums. A large cardboard with holes to show in large exactly how to stitch it, then on plastic canvas and then on linen. You will master these pleasing stitches to add into any sampler you wish!!

You will only need a printer to print the chart. It will be approximately 6-8 pages.

You will need to source some supplies, but I suspect you will have a small piece of fabric and some Christmas colours around to use. Have fun picking some favourites.

I made twisted cord for the finish, but you can certainly finish in any fashion you like, so you may need to get supplies to finish also.

This would look so sweet on your tree for this Christmas – it may be your first specialty stitches or it may be that you know them already but sure fun to enjoy regardless.


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