Decorative Pin Making with Beth Twist

Decorative Pin Making with Beth Twist

This class is an optional paid part of the Jingle Ball.  You will need an entrance ticket to the Jingle Ball as well as a class ticket to attend.  Jingle Ball tickets and class tickets go on sale on October 13th.  Class previews are so you can see what classes will be available for you to purchase on that date.  Some of our classes may overlap, so please be sure to check out this SCHEDULE page to make sure you do not purchase overlapping classes.

All classes will be recorded so that paid students may access them for up to 30 days after the Ball concludes.

  • CLASS: Decorative Pin Making with Beth Twist
  • TIME:  SESSION 1 FRI 10:45 PM EST - 12 AM EST; SESSION 2 SAT 12 - 1 PM EST
  • COST:  Kitted Option:  $36  (this is for U.S. participants only) PDF Option:  $12
  • AVAILABLE:  Kitted (U.S. Only) or PDF 
  • TICKET TYPES:  Kit (U.S. students) or PDF (anyone)
  • DURATION: 1 hour

 In this fun class, Beth will share her favorite tips and tricks for making decorative pins to grace your finished pin cushions. Follow along as she demonstrates the step-by-step process and shares her favorite product specifications so that you can make pins for all of your friends.

Class & Kit (US ONLY): $36 (includes shipping fee)
Kits include everything you will need to complete a set of three decorative pins. You will receive one of three super cute seasonal pin set kits, which will be chosen at random by a magical Oregon Christmas Tree Elf.   We are unable to ensure that you will receive a certain pin set.  

Class & PDF Supply List: $12 (does not include kit)

You will receive a PDF file after registration, which will include a list of items that you can purchase if you would like to make pins during class time.

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