How to Go Directly to the Jingle Ball or Create a Password

Access the event page directly without needing a Magic Link again:


That should do it. But let's say that all didn't work. If you have carefully tried the above steps and you've really made sure you did each thing correctly then there's more help available. 

There might be a more technical problem that is above the Lindy Stitches Staff's pay grade (We design cross stitch patterns. We don't work in computer programming. The only thing we hack are our thumbs when we're chopping carrots.)  If that's the case, please email info@accelevents.comThere are at least 3 people standing by ready to help. They know more than we do. (REALLY!)

Second step: send an email to or  Honestly, we are going to tell you to do one of the above steps and be careful about it, so don't jump to emailing us or you'll be wasting your time.